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Blackened Shrimp Pizza

Challenge Recipe

Recipe 1. Coat the shrimp in most of the blackening spice and reserve. Reserve a few pinches of spice to evenly sprinkle over the whole pizza after.. →


Challenge Recipe

Click Here to Watch Video  Recipe · Spread sauce and cheese evenly on top of pizza. · Start from center and work towards.. →

Cavolfiore Pie

Challenge Recipe

Recipe Vegan Cauliflower pizza Pizza Dough .. →

Charcuterie Pizza

Challenge Recipe

Click to View Video  Recipe 1. Pre-heat the oven to 450 o F . 2. Prepare the gluten free crust (per label instructions). .. →

The Sweet Canuck

Challenge Recipe

Recipe Sweet Potato-infused organic crust with wild boar bacon, cup and char pepperoni, with fresh-sliced brown cremini mushrooms. DOUGH: This.. →